Shrub pruning

Are you qualified?

Yes! All our staff hold the correct NPTC qualifications meaning our work is completed safely and to the highest standards.

Quotations and estimates received from different Tree Surgeons vary, what is so different?

We do not give estimates for the work, just written quotations for the work which is to be carried out as discussed at our site meeting. Therefore no additions to the cost unless additional works are discussed and agreed.

What happens to the waste?

We are very conscious about the environment so 100% of the rubbish taken from your property will be recycled. The branches go through our wood chipper and the woodchips are sent to power stations and the logs are split into firewood.

Do we need permission to undertake any work for our tree?

I can check the statues of any tree at the quotation stage free of charge and if consent is required I can act as an agent on your behalf and submit the necessary Application.

Do we need permission to undertake any work for our tree?

We will check whether your tree is on conservation land or protected by a tree preservation order (TPO). If either of these apply to your tree we will write to your local tree officer requesting permission to carry out the works that you require.

How can you access and work in the tree safely?

We are qualified in working from rope and harness safely. All climbing equipment is tested and certificated by an external Assessor every six months.

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